REVIEW: Black Coffee Comes to Leeds.

Black Coffee came to Mint Club in Leeds and brought out the house fans from London through to Leeds (and other places). 

The South African DJ and producer is no stranger to the UK but he is to the Leeds scene. Most known for collaborating with artists like Drake, Bucie and Ibiza club appearances, it was a blessing to have Coffee in Leeds for £20.

With a genre such as deep house, it’s not as appreciated even with Southern african people who it originates, it’s hard to understand. The genre mainly consists of beats often featuring drums plus other instruments AND not all songs often include vocals.

Upon arrival at the venue at 9:30pm, there were about three or four people so I decided to leave and I arrived back at 11pm. I didn’t think people would show up at all seeing as the event wasn’t hugely advertised although there were posters here and there around town.

Once Black Coffee was inside the venue out around 1:30am, the crowd shifted towards the stage. I stayed along back for a while to avoid bumping into anyone, everyone wanted to be where Black Coffee was. There was no announcement telling the crowd he was there but his presence was felt.

Making my way to the front of the crowd, the room was packed, I finally saw what people came to see the hype surrounding Coffees shows. Behind him, the DJ’s who opened the show were in awe and the crowd itself was just amazed at how once person can be so talented. If I was the DJ, I probably would have in short – lost my sh*t. It was one of the best shows I have been to, ever.

Reasons why:

  • Artists rarely come to Yorkshire they go to neighbouring cities like Machester and rarely ever visit Leeds. As one of the biggest cities in the UK, it’s quite a surprise that this happens however once in a while big artists do come, and, when they do, it’s always a good time.


  • Planning an event on a Thursday night could go either way realistically, you just have to hope for the best.When the event was due to start at 9pm instead of heading straight to the event, I went to Headrow House to avoid being the only person there.  By the time I arrived a couple hours later the energy was high and people carried this energy through out the night.


  • I have seen videos of his shows online, and most of us have fallen for the trap of following peoples shows online and when you get there its nothing like it. The same energy he gives in videos online is the same in person.


Thanks for reading,

Mack x




The first three months of the new year have gone quicker than expected, although January lasted for almost 7 years (slight exaggeration) but in comparison to February and March, January lasted forever.

At the beginning of the year, I promised myself to use this year to become a better version of myself aka making more time for myself, self love, self care also aka allowing myself to get out of my comfort zone and gain confidence rather than tweeting about how much I love myself every once in a while. 1494468408989

The month began with me being overwhelmed with problems I had created for myself by overthinking, to a stage where it began to affect my confidence. I allowed myself to undervalue my self-worth which almost affected my perfomance in all aspects of life. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to start a routine to help me out of this cycle of self-pity.

  1. Admitting I’m not okay. As obvious as this sounds, I like to think of myself as this ‘strong’ person that sometimes I do forget it is okay to admit when you’re not okay,  no one is perfect and can be okay 100% of the time, which leads into the next step.
  2. Identifying the problem. Saying I am not okay is just the start, identifying the problem will help resolve your problem(s). This simply means having an honest conversation with yourself – easier said than done, but self-love is about accepting your imperfections and flaws. Love yourself enough to accept you’re not perfect.
  3. Take action. As fun as it is to sit around and feel sorry for yourself, you have to get out of the routine of identifying the problem and doing nothing about it. I think this is the most important part of the routine. Learning to communicate your feelings is difficult but we’re getting older and people cannot guess how you are feeling, we’re allllll busy, learn to voice your feelings and frustrations. Getting a diary can help or even therapy. Personally I prefer to meditate – this helps me gather my thoughts and simplify them rather than creating a space for myself to overthink or go into self sabotage mode.
  4. Lastly, be proactive. Find a new hobby, book, music, find something to occupy yourself with use that energy for something that will benefit you or something that makes you (not anyone else) feel good.

These are just a few steps which have helped to keep me grounded this month. I know they are simple points but a little bit of reinforcement helps especially when you’re going through a major life change. There’s no harm in trying something new or finding new ways to love yourself – again.

Until next time,



Brunch at Chai Ki!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even if it is served with a gin and tonic at 4:30pm. It is still as important.

Each time I want to go to The Breakfast Club in London something always goes wrong. It’s never a matter of reservations but of time, I made sure I got there early enough to get seated but there was still a 20 minute wait. At 4 in the afternoon!

Good thing I was in London, Canary Wharf to be exact. There’s always somewhere to eat within a walking distance. Thanks to the waiting time at The Breakfast Club, I found a place just next door: Chai Ki.

IMG_1752 (1)

Chai Ki is a modern Indian/Asian restaurant based in Canary Wharf. It takes a modern spin to the traditional Indian soul food. The restaurant is dim lighted but well decorated. Where I was seated, it was a tight squeeze for four which I did not think was too bad because it encouraged my friends and I to talk to each other but I was often bumping into the lady next to me and behind me.

They too were serving a late brunch menu which started at 12pm-5pm. I strayed from the tradition full english menu and ordered Buttermilk Pancakes with Bacon and Blueberries (£8.40) with a side of Himalayan Ribs (£8.90) to cure the hangover from the night before.

Personally, I have always preferred to have a heavy breakfast and this was nothing short of perfection. The pancakes were soft, the bacon was not overdone or salty. The taste of the combined flavours was more of a sweet and sour fusion. However, for those who are not too good with sweet tastes I wouldn’t recommend this simply because of the amount of maple syrup and sugar from the pancakes.

As for the ribs, they were delicious. I ate them along with the pancakes to be ‘different’ and the flavours surpringly complimented each other. The softness and slight sweetness of the pancakes was perfected by the smooth texture of the ribs.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, this is not the type of breakfast you have when you’re trying to lose weight but there are definitely other options on the menu which would be just as filling.

Mellissa Mack x.



New Year, Same Me but Better!

Life as an inconsistent writer is both tough and tiring, one day you get something down and it feels like the best thing ever but trying to find the same energy to write another masterpiece two weeks down the line can be your breaking point because “it’s just not right”.

Writing for many is a way to express and to air out any feeling. However, when that negative energy overcomes you and stops you from expressing yourself it begins to take over you and possibly stops you from a journey of self discovery.

These negative energies have affected me for a long time, and have resulted in me losing a lot of faith and confidence in activities and hobbies which could have been really good for me.

That is why this year I am going to try and do things differently.

This is not one of those, “I am going to change myself because it’s a new year” type of posts but one which is a promise to myself to overcome negative emotions and energies in order to be the best version of myself.