The first three months of the new year have gone quicker than expected, although January lasted for almost 7 years (slight exaggeration) but in comparison to February and March, January lasted forever.

At the beginning of the year, I promised myself to use this year to become a better version of myself aka making more time for myself, self love, self care also aka allowing myself to get out of my comfort zone and gain confidence rather than tweeting about how much I love myself every once in a while. 1494468408989

The month began with me being overwhelmed with problems I had created for myself by overthinking, to a stage where it began to affect my confidence. I allowed myself to undervalue my self-worth which almost affected my perfomance in all aspects of life. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to start a routine to help me out of this cycle of self-pity.

  1. Admitting I’m not okay. As obvious as this sounds, I like to think of myself as this ‘strong’ person that sometimes I do forget it is okay to admit when you’re not okay,  no one is perfect and can be okay 100% of the time, which leads into the next step.
  2. Identifying the problem. Saying I am not okay is just the start, identifying the problem will help resolve your problem(s). This simply means having an honest conversation with yourself – easier said than done, but self-love is about accepting your imperfections and flaws. Love yourself enough to accept you’re not perfect.
  3. Take action. As fun as it is to sit around and feel sorry for yourself, you have to get out of the routine of identifying the problem and doing nothing about it. I think this is the most important part of the routine. Learning to communicate your feelings is difficult but we’re getting older and people cannot guess how you are feeling, we’re allllll busy, learn to voice your feelings and frustrations. Getting a diary can help or even therapy. Personally I prefer to meditate – this helps me gather my thoughts and simplify them rather than creating a space for myself to overthink or go into self sabotage mode.
  4. Lastly, be proactive. Find a new hobby, book, music, find something to occupy yourself with use that energy for something that will benefit you or something that makes you (not anyone else) feel good.

These are just a few steps which have helped to keep me grounded this month. I know they are simple points but a little bit of reinforcement helps especially when you’re going through a major life change. There’s no harm in trying something new or finding new ways to love yourself – again.

Until next time,