University Life 

Three years later and I’ve finally settled into the student life. While everyone was studying, I was having fun and taking life by the horns, simply having fun. Third year has not been the same at all! I find myself sleeping late and reading several books and novels weekly. 

Every time I tell someone about my experiences, the response is usually “welcome to student life!
 I think it’s fair to say better late than never. With only a few months to go I cannot help but think of the future, or at least my next step into the world of adulthood. 

Does anyone ever know what they’re doing with their life? If they do, then when do you know? 

University is supposed to be the time where you get away from home, learn about to be independent as well as improve your skills in order to get your future career and improve your employability skills and what not. 

Three years later I’m still here confused, faced with multiple options and still no clue what to do. 


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