To Encourage!

As you grow you are going to be faced with different experiences and opportunities which will affect the way you live your life. Instead of sharing your stories which could benefit others, you are led to believe that there no one who can understand what you have gone through, therefore you might find yourself neglecting your feelings and those around you who are more than willing to help in your time of need.

You are usually face these difficulties when you find yourself following a path unfamiliar to those who believe they “know what is best for you,” in reality only you know what is best for you. There is nothing wrong with having goals and aspirations which differ from everyone else. As long as you see yourself doing what you feel is right, you are better off than those who regret not accepting their vocation due to fear. Do not seek the approval of others, you never know who you are inspiring.

Regardless of what you go through do not let yourself be disheartened. With every challenge comes judgement. Having the right people around you can make the greatest difference to your life. Don’t be too quick to give up, there’s always going to be obstacles along the way. It may be difficult to put up with criticism however, you have to look past the negativity. Keep going and keep good company around you.

As youth by coming together, you can make changes which can lead to success. You have to be able to see that our perceptions of life are not going to be the same. Everyone is fighting a battle. The road isn’t going to be an easy one, regardless of your strength you don’t have to do it alone. Showing little acts of kindness towards others by coming together we can all be the best versions of our self.

Mellissa Mack.



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