August, ooops.

Happy Monday guys,

I haven’t written anything in a while. Since June it seems, I’ve been putting off writing any posts lord knows why but I did anyway. It started with “I’ll do it tomorrow,” tomorrow eventually turned into next week and next week became the 22nd of august.

With everything I do I over think and over worry, what if what I’m doing isn’t the right thing. All that aside I have realized I have nothing to lose. The only person I could possibly play by not doing anything is myself. I cannot be the only one who draws back when they start something.

The summer weather tends to stop us from doing what we want whether it be blogging, reading, being crazy and all that jazz.

Okay I lied, it doesn’t but it is easier to blame someone or something than to take full responsibility.

It has come to a point where I have had to ask myself why I’m not doing anything anymore or doing anything productive. And I honestly did not have an answer for it. From this point on I have had to make a promise to myself to put effort in anything I have chosen to commit to. We all find motivation in different things, and I have found that in myself.

I have finally become my own muse.


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