“Me, Myself then You.”

                                                     Be with someone who makes you happy.

As we grow there are constant reminders that the future is near. There is a belief amongst others that by the time you finish university you should have your life in some order. How?  Honestly, I don’t know. Finding the right path for yourself may take more time than others but just because you haven’t found what is right for you doesn’t mean you aren’t going to. Everyone has their own time to find themselves.

There’s always good if you find yourself in a situation like this. It means you can build yourself by exploring your interests rather than waiting for your vocation to come to you. Invest more in your hobbies and interests. Do something different until you find what is good for you. Life is an experience, nothing comes out of familiarity treat everyday as a challenge.

Everyone has different perception of life, we don’t experience it in the same way therefore if you want something go get it. You establish your boundaries yourself, if you believe you can do something then find a way. If your friends want to have a 9-5 then support them but don’t play safe if you know that your heart desires more.

At the end of the day nothing worth having comes easy, there is sacrifice and hard work. You have to be able to put yourself first regardless of the criticism that may come. When you’re doing something right certain aspects start making sense. Doing what your heart desires leaves no room for meaningless conversation and chasing after things which don’t concern you. No one should make you feel guilty about spending time investing in your growth. Put yourself first or else no one will.



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