Goodbye Lazy Life!

It costs nothing to teach yourself a new skill, you can pick up a book and read either one page or one chapter but goes down to how much effort you put in to be where you are. There’s really no excuse for anything, if you fail usually it’s down to your own individual effort and your ambition.

I always look at these yogi’s on Instagram and I think “omg I can do that too” but the difference is they actually do it and I say “maybe tomorrow.” Depending on how cheeky I feel that day I even go to the extent of saying Namaste in Bed, because it’s funny and catchy but it goes to show how you feed your mind these little things and it impacts the way you work.

I’m not trying to say much other than the more you tell yourself how lazy you are, you’re training yourself to think in a certain way. Bad habits are hard to break so why not teach yourself step by step into achieving something. Your life, might as well be doing something with it than watching others do it. No one else will do it for you which sucks!


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