The People vs The Internet.

A few years ago when twitter first launched, it was a site where people would go to escape from family members on facebook or just simply have a laugh. Years later, it has become a place where people share their personal views, memes and most recently, a news outlet.

As it still is all of those things I have started to realise the changes in the way the internet affects the way in which we think and also take in daily news.

fake news

Everyday on the  popular app there seems to be some type of negative story of something happening in the world, whether it’s Donald Trump’s racist tweets or the Libyan Slave Trade, there is always something going on.

Because some of us rely on twitter for news, we miss out vital information which follows the story, yes the slave trade for one should not be happening in 2017 but the videos spread on twitter quickly and we are ‘outraged’ for a few days before something new comes along.

The internet moves fast and each day shows how we dependent we are of it but the question is ‘how will this affect us long term?’

The answer is not simple I guess, there’s some positives and negatives to it.

The positive being we get to see news from all over the world as it happens but the bad thing is “the outrage” that comes with it. The internet is globalised, anything you want to know is a search away or it has gone viral.

Of course,knowledge is power. If you know what is going on around the world you are more aware of attitudes and culture but it is not a 100% representative of the people. Although we have all this knowledge and understanding we just become critical and judgemental towards those who do not agree with us.

I guess in all this what I am trying to say is, how do you encourage people to become critical thinkers in the days where opinions change frequently and ‘honest news’ is whatever someone tweets and manages to go viral within a couple of minutes?


Here We Go Again!


Three years since I started this blog as an English Languageundergraduate and I am a postgraduate working towards my masters in Journalism. Let me tell you this, it has not been an easy journey. The lessons I have learnt since starting in September, I wish I had learnt during my first year – I probably knew but i just refused to listen.

I have used this blog for many years and I always reach a point where I just give up! Not because I have deep insight or anything but I just stop. I have held myself back for so long and I cannot continue to go on like it’s not something I love doing. I am surrounded by so many people doing what they love and it has just inspired me to give blogging another try but these are just the lessons I have  learnt over the past few months on starting again.

  1. Your attitudes determine how you perform in life. This is something I already knew, surprise surprise. Me personally, I have seen a few instances where I have held myself back and my attitude has blocked me from so many blessing. You literally have to sit yourself down sometimes and just be real with yourself. If you want something you will make it happen, the world owes you nothing.
  2.  Don’t look down on others! Whether they are a window cleaner or they are working as a cashier, they are still human! I cannot begin to stress how important that is, of course you’re going to run into people who you just think eurgh but you really do not know where life is going to take them. Just be nice!
  3. Lastly, practise makes perfect. If you fail, try again. That is really it, you won’t ever know where you’re going to end up if you give up. Even if it’s your fourth time trying, just keep going.