Brunch at Chai Ki!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even if it is served with a gin and tonic at 4:30pm. It is still as important.

Each time I want to go to the breakfast club in London something always goes wrong. It’s never a matter of reservations but of time. So this time I made sure I got there early enough to get seated but there was still a 20 minute wait. At 4 in the afternoon!

Good thing I was in London, Canary Wharf to be exact, there’s always somewhere to eat within a walking distance. Thanks to the waiting time at the  Breakfast Club, I found a hidden gem right next door; Chai Ki.

IMG_1752 (1)

For someone this might not be a hidden gem but I am from Leeds so you can forgive a girl for not knowing these hot spots.

Chai Ki is a modern Indian/Asian restaurant based in Canary Wharf. It takes a modern spin to the traditional Indian soul food. The restaurant is a decent sized, well decorated and intimate for all parties – plus the staff are very welcoming.

They had a very cute brunch menu from a full english which they call a Full Nashta to pancakes and bacon (which I ordered) with a side of himalayan ribs to cure the hangover from the night before.

Personally, I have always preferred to have a heavy breakfast and this was nothing short of perfection. The pancakes were divine, the flavour from the bacon and the maple syrup pancakes was parfect. Because the bacon was not overdone or salty, the taste was more of a sweet and sour infusion. The berries were not just for presentation. I have a sweet tooth but somethings are too much for me, although I got them so it made my breakfast seem healthier than it is they also worked really well by adding a little bit more of a flavour with the pancakes and bacon.

(Sorry not sorry for the shit picture of the ribs.)

I ordered the ribs because I was hungry, as I was ordering, I wasn’t thinking straight but I have no regrets! They were well seasoned and well cooked, I usually get BBQ’d ribs when I go out to eat so getting them was a risk.

I ate them with the pancakes just because. They were quite small but they were very meaty – if thats the word. All together the meal cost around £23.00 including the gin. Very worth it.

Safe to say I was satisfied with my meal and my visit to Chai Ki, it made up for the attempt to visit The Breakfast Club, maybe next time.





Holidays Blues.

I cannot believe in the past few years I did not prioritise going abroad, I would loooove to blame the fact I was an undergraduate without much money but the truth is I just simply could not be arsed.

Yes I said arsed.

IMG_0580I was going through the streets of Madrid in summer 2017, I was no long a student, well an undergraduate that is. And I was in awe of how beautiful the architecture was. Walking through the streets of Leeds, I would probably see one or two buildings which are breath-taking but in Madrid the streets were just beautifully done, everywhere I turned there was just something of beauty.

Maybe it’s just me that likes buildings and the layout of a city. I seem to look at these little things, they make me appreciate the big little things in life – if that makes sense. This year I am definitely going to make more time to travel.

Do you know refreshing it is to go to a foreign country? 

I’m guessing you do, being in a different environment made me realise how beautiful the world is and just how much I had missed out over the years. It is not cheap to travel but where there is a will there is a way. I just fell in love with the world again.

I wanted to insert a Lana Del Rey lyric, probably something about summertime sadness but I guess there isn’t much sadness here only holiday blues. From the beautiful flower garden down to the food, I guess I can say I miss Spain.

Until next time,

Mack xIMG_0541IMG_0861

New Year, Same Me but Better!

Life as an inconsistent writer is both tough and tiring, one day you get something down and it feels like the best thing ever but trying to find the same energy to write another masterpiece two weeks down the line can be your breaking point because “it’s just not right”.

Writing for many is a way to express and to air out any feeling. However, when that negative energy overcomes you and stops you from expressing yourself it begins to take over you and possibly stops you from a journey of self discovery.

These negative energies have affected me for a long time, and have resulted in me losing a lot of faith and confidence in activities and hobbies which could have been really good for me.

That is why this year I am going to try and do things differently.

This is not one of those, “I am going to change myself because it’s a new year” type of posts but one which is a promise to myself to overcome negative emotions and energies in order to be the best version of myself.