Take Control

Before doing my masters was probably the most confusing time of my life. Since I was young, I haven’t known exactly what I want to do with my life, I have floated through life constantantly telling myself, I am only young. But I realised, the world doesn’t wait for you to get yourself together, (thanks Dad).

In September 2017, a week after graduating, I started my Masters in Journalism. Something I had always been interested in – best decision I have ever made for myself.

I was always envious of my peers who knew what they wanted to do with their lives from a young age, but this decision made me realise what I wanted to do. Just like everyone else, I finally caught up with the world.

Since then, my decisions have been around what I can do to improve and to become the woman I want to be.

The moral of this story isn’t how amazing or great I am but how being decisive has helped me. Being indicisive was needed for me and it can be good for growth because it allows you to explore your options, try new things and make mistakes or even fail. These are all options which are learnt in life. But with everything in life, it has to come to an end.

There comes a point where you are forced to evaluate your situation and decide what you want and/or where you need to be by a certain age, this is something only you can decide.

Indicisiveness is limiting. The older you get, the harder it is for opportunities to come by in most circumstances. Instead of spending your afternoons talking about what could have been, making that one decision could be what changes your life. You can’t blame others for anything anymore once you’re an adult, it’s up to you to make those tough life choices.

Mack xo


REVIEW: Black Coffee Comes to Leeds.

Black Coffee came to Mint Club in Leeds and brought out the house fans from London through to Leeds (and other places). 

The South African DJ and producer is no stranger to the UK but he is to the Leeds scene. Most known for collaborating with artists like Drake, Bucie and Ibiza club appearances, it was a blessing to have Coffee in Leeds for £20.

With a genre such as deep house, it’s not as appreciated even with Southern african people who it originates, it’s hard to understand. The genre mainly consists of beats often featuring drums plus other instruments AND not all songs often include vocals.

Upon arrival at the venue at 9:30pm, there were about three or four people so I decided to leave and I arrived back at 11pm. I didn’t think people would show up at all seeing as the event wasn’t hugely advertised although there were posters here and there around town.

Once Black Coffee was inside the venue out around 1:30am, the crowd shifted towards the stage. I stayed along back for a while to avoid bumping into anyone, everyone wanted to be where Black Coffee was. There was no announcement telling the crowd he was there but his presence was felt.

Making my way to the front of the crowd, the room was packed, I finally saw what people came to see the hype surrounding Coffees shows. Behind him, the DJ’s who opened the show were in awe and the crowd itself was just amazed at how once person can be so talented. If I was the DJ, I probably would have in short – lost my sh*t. It was one of the best shows I have been to, ever.

Reasons why:

  • Artists rarely come to Yorkshire they go to neighbouring cities like Machester and rarely ever visit Leeds. As one of the biggest cities in the UK, it’s quite a surprise that this happens however once in a while big artists do come, and, when they do, it’s always a good time.
  • Planning an event on a Thursday night could go either way realistically, you just have to hope for the best.When the event was due to start at 9pm instead of heading straight to the event, I went to Headrow House to avoid being the only person there.  By the time I arrived a couple hours later the energy was high and people carried this energy through out the night.
  • I have seen videos of his shows online, and most of us have fallen for the trap of following peoples shows online and when you get there its nothing like it. The same energy he gives in videos online is the same in person.


Thank you for reading,

Mack x


MY Skin Care Routine for Under £5!

As we go from the extreme winter weather to the warm spring, the change in climate can leave an awful mark on your skin. Despite having no control over the weather, the one thing you can control is how you choose to take action and find a way to keep that spring/summerglow it deserves.

The simplest advice I have ever received regarding skin care is “don’t let anybody’s son tek yuh fi eediat” but since girl’s don’t usually take their own advice when it comes to men, this skin care routine is probably the best.

My skin type – normal skin.

These are the three products I’m currently using.

bCm6S1MoQ5SJKlQpq0kTYgBeauty Formulas Clay Mask with Activated Charcoal – £1 from Poundland.

According to the packaging this product is supposed to:

  • Absorb excess oils
  • Deeply cleanse the skin
  • Draw out deep-rooted dirt and other impurities
  • Leave your skin feeling deeply cleansed and radiant.

Can be used for the face, neck and lips. I usually leave on for 30 minutes or however long it takes me to do chores. Dries out within 10-15 mins.

To be noted I have used this face mask for a year now.

The formula is easy to spread and requires no more than a light layer on the skin meaning, you’re not using a lot of product and there’s no need to build it up which is a problem I have had in the past with other face masks. The more product you use, the harder it is to wash off.

Once the product is on the skin, it starts to dry almost immediately. With this in mind you should be careful not to change your facial expressions often but you can still smile and laugh without worrying about breaking the clay mask- which is beneficial for those who tend to fall asleep whilst waiting for it to dry *cough me cough*.

The product has a scent which is quite unique and I cannot really describe. It’s like one of those smells which you can only have in small doses otherwise it can get quite sickly. Which is probably one of the only negatives I have of the product but for £1 you cannot really go wrong.

The best way to wash the product on your face is with a small facial cloth and warm water. Once you wash it off, it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooooth. Almost the type same smoothness that you have when you shave your legs.

p.s. that smell goes once you wash the mask off your face too! 

Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Wash – £1.50 from Boots 

“Enriched with soothing cucumber and vitamins, this facial wash effectively removes make-up and excess oils leaving the skin thoroughly cleansed and refreshed.”

When I bought this I was wondering around the train station and wandered into boots. I was amazed by the sounds of a cucumber facial wash, and I thought why not for £1.50.

The wash has the same texture that most moisturisers have, enriched and creamy. Once applied on the skin and mixed with water, it washes off easily and does not become soapy either meaning you don’t need to worry about getting any product your eye.

The cucumber scent is very refreshing. Perhaps it’s because I prefer to use the face wash after the clay mask, the cucumber makes me forget about it. After a clay face masks, there’s no other facial wash I would recommend because it leaves the skin feeling refreshed.

The Skin System Tea Tree Wash – £2 from ASDA

Effectively removes impurities from your skin, non-comedogenic* with salicyclic acids to visibly reduce the appareance of blemishes. 

*Non-comedogenic means the product is formulated not to cause blocked pores.

Recommended for people with oily skin and blemish prone skin.

Tea tree products are easily distinguishable because it has an herbal scent. You either love it or hate it. In this product the smell isn’t too strong, its just about tolerable.

Because the product is a foam based product on application I was scared to use it recklessly since it was my first time using it, so I used two pumps which was not enough. It should be noted it is suggested to use a generous amount.

The weightless pumps make it seem like there is a lot of product, but upon applied on the skin and once it has been massaged around the face, it absorbes into the skin. To get a good result from this, I would recommend work fast with this product. Nevertheless, it is impressive.

Once rinsed off with warm water of course minus the facial cloth, I would suggest air drying so you can feel the air on your skin. The one thing I love about this product is that is is a radiance enhancer and you can see the immediate change in your skin.

Last thoughts

This is a routine I have used for a while now, but as the seasons change so does my skin routine. I would recommend finding new ways to perfect and refresh your skin routine without breaking your bank.


Mack x


The first three months of the new year have gone quicker than expected, although January lasted for almost 7 years (slight exaggeration) but in comparison to February and March, January lasted forever.

At the beginning of the year, I promised myself to use this year to become a better version of myself aka making more time for myself, self love, self care also aka allowing myself to get out of my comfort zone and gain confidence rather than tweeting about how much I love myself every once in a while. 1494468408989

The month began with me being overwhelmed with problems I had created for myself by overthinking, to a stage where it began to affect my confidence. I allowed myself to undervalue my self-worth which almost affected my perfomance in all aspects of life. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to start a routine to help me out of this cycle of self-pity.

  1. Admitting I’m not okay. As obvious as this sounds, I like to think of myself as this ‘strong’ person that sometimes I do forget it is okay to admit when you’re not okay,  no one is perfect and can be okay 100% of the time, which leads into the next step.
  2. Identifying the problem. Saying I am not okay is just the start, identifying the problem will help resolve your problem(s). This simply means having an honest conversation with yourself – easier said than done, but self-love is about accepting your imperfections and flaws. Love yourself enough to accept you’re not perfect.
  3. Take action. As fun as it is to sit around and feel sorry for yourself, you have to get out of the routine of identifying the problem and doing nothing about it. I think this is the most important part of the routine. Learning to communicate your feelings is difficult but we’re getting older and people cannot guess how you are feeling, we’re allllll busy, learn to voice your feelings and frustrations. Getting a diary can help or even therapy. Personally I prefer to meditate – this helps me gather my thoughts and simplify them rather than creating a space for myself to overthink or go into self sabotage mode.
  4. Lastly, be proactive. Find a new hobby, book, music, find something to occupy yourself with use that energy for something that will benefit you or something that makes you (not anyone else) feel good.

These are just a few steps which have helped to keep me grounded this month. I know they are simple points but a little bit of reinforcement helps especially when you’re going through a major life change. There’s no harm in trying something new or finding new ways to love yourself – again.

Until next time,



Brunch at Chai Ki!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even if it is served with a gin and tonic at 4:30pm. It is still as important.

Each time I want to go to The Breakfast Club in London something always goes wrong. It’s never a matter of reservations but of time, I made sure I got there early enough to get seated but there was still a 20 minute wait. At 4 in the afternoon!

Good thing I was in London, Canary Wharf to be exact. There’s always somewhere to eat within a walking distance. Thanks to the waiting time at The Breakfast Club, I found a place just next door: Chai Ki.

IMG_1752 (1)

Chai Ki is a modern Indian/Asian restaurant based in Canary Wharf. It takes a modern spin to the traditional Indian soul food. The restaurant is dim lighted but well decorated. Where I was seated, it was a tight squeeze for four which I did not think was too bad because it encouraged my friends and I to talk to each other but I was often bumping into the lady next to me and behind me.

They too were serving a late brunch menu which started at 12pm-5pm. I strayed from the tradition full english menu and ordered Buttermilk Pancakes with Bacon and Blueberries (£8.40) with a side of Himalayan Ribs (£8.90) to cure the hangover from the night before.

Personally, I have always preferred to have a heavy breakfast and this was nothing short of perfection. The pancakes were soft, the bacon was not overdone or salty. The taste of the combined flavours was more of a sweet and sour fusion. However, for those who are not too good with sweet tastes I wouldn’t recommend this simply because of the amount of maple syrup and sugar from the pancakes.

As for the ribs, they were delicious. I ate them along with the pancakes to be ‘different’ and the flavours surpringly complimented each other. The softness and slight sweetness of the pancakes was perfected by the smooth texture of the ribs.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, this is not the type of breakfast you have when you’re trying to lose weight but there are definitely other options on the menu which would be just as filling.

Mellissa Mack x.



Madrid Roses.

There’s always something exciting that comes with the thought of being in a new environment and the journey there. The sense of uncertainty is almost worth it as long as you are far from the British weather.

September 2017 


Before reaching the high streets of Madrid, there is a hidden gem along the way which you may have heard of: Parque de Buen Retiro, which translates to Park of Pleasant Retreat is the biggest park in the city.  It has beautiful sculptures and monuments, a decorative lake and more within it therefore whichever turn you take when you are there you will find something to do. It is the perfect way to start of your journey in Madrid –  it’s free so there’s no need to worry about the cost.

Rosadela – The Rose Garden


There are no words to describe the feeling you get when you enter the rose garden, a cool breeze takes you in and welcomes you in this space filled with what can only be imagined to be peace and serenity. As you walk in, you are greeted with arches above your head as it leads you towards a water ornament of an angel. The garden is well designed with a soft ground filled with sand with a cream like colour which compliments the green from the plants and brightens the petals which vary in colour.



Madrid is a simple city filled with mystery and serenity.  You can get fairly cheap flights and accommodation but you have to be willing to spend once you get there – a gin and tonic costs me 11 euros. I have to be honest and say I lost the rest of the pictures from the park. I fell in love with the rose garden and fell in love with flowers.

From what I can remember, there was a house in the midst of the park which people were having picnics under the sun. A space where people were learning how to roller skate and also a mini ice cream parlour. The park is HUGE, it took me about an hour to get through it – including taking an ice cream break and time to get over how beautiful the rose garden was.

This is the type of place people go to either have a walk after work – a chill out zone or take amazing pictures for the gram, no matter which part of the park you are in.

Mellissa Mack x


New Year, Same Me but Better!

Life as an inconsistent writer is both tough and tiring, one day you get something down and it feels like the best thing ever but trying to find the same energy to write another masterpiece two weeks down the line can be your breaking point because “it’s just not right”.

Writing for many is a way to express and to air out any feeling. However, when that negative energy overcomes you and stops you from expressing yourself it begins to take over you and possibly stops you from a journey of self discovery.

These negative energies have affected me for a long time, and have resulted in me losing a lot of faith and confidence in activities and hobbies which could have been really good for me.

That is why this year I am going to try and do things differently.

This is not one of those, “I am going to change myself because it’s a new year” type of posts but one which is a promise to myself to overcome negative emotions and energies in order to be the best version of myself.